Saturday, July 28, 2007

Independence day celebrations

Independence day celebration pics for all of you that missed the show

Friday, July 27, 2007


It’s been 42 years if I am not mistaken that we got our independence from the British. But did we really feel the independence we had is the frequent question that everyone use to ask and the politician complains that they did not have the independence!

Even though I work in the government I do not support all the activities that’s carried by the government it self. But for sure, I feel that the independence we had is quite more self comfortable rather than the independence we are having at the moment.

Some would blame President Maumoon, but some would blame his cabinet. But I would definitely blame everyone in the nation, including me, my self and my friends and everyone in the nation for disrupting the peace we had. We just cannot fulfill or taste the full independence with turmoil and hatred. We have to love each other, and have to have peace and the smile we had before. When people speak of Maldives, the brand name would be sure “I haven’t seen any where else in the world which showed such hospitality and affection” Shall we join our hands and bring those affection back again!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Here’s another toilet thought. But this time it was definitely not from the toilet.

Hmmmm.. let’s go on with the thought…. “Just friends”. What do you mean by the phrase?? Its common used word but I guess I do not have a definition for it. But let’s look at some thoughts I had about it.

A fried of mine had a relationship where he explains his relationship as ‘just friends’. But the girl was all over for him and he just pretended it to be friendship or ‘just friendship’. He could have sex with her, he could spend almost 24 hours beside her but still he called the relationship ‘just friendship’. Maybe I am a guy who has not turned European, but definitely wish some one could explain the meaning of the phrase.

Let’s look at another relation. One of my friends again! Her partner and she studied together and they were going out together, stayed together, and I guess did everything together. But still they called it as just friends

Another relation. But this time more complicated though. The guy seems to like her and want to start a relationship. The girl wants to start a relationship too, but she hesitates too much and ended up in “just friends’

So my toilet thoughts tried to make a definition and here comes it

‘Just friends – Friends, but not friends. Relationship but not relationship. Maybe a relationship but not a relationship for sure. Might yield to a relationship and might not. Friendship… nah that’s ambiguous.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


More pics of the bands..........

Monday, July 09, 2007


The name speaks for it self. The legends of Maldivian music, Zero Degre atoll performed in Live Earth show. They did a few songs but was not up to my satisfaction whose expectation is quite high. The lighting when they were up was horrible. But anyways cheers.. Here's for my new found friend and to all my friends. Click on the photos to get the best view.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am not in to Maldivian Music much and can't remember the names even. but i love to take photos and managed to take some shots. Here's Amazon jade for u.. More pics of other bands coming soon..... click each pic to get a better view

Friday, July 06, 2007

TOILET thoughts!!

Just a thought in my silly brain that just struck me when i was in the toilet today. Was wondering whether we get a helping hand when we really need them. But the ground reality is we would never get them if we don't ask for it. Most of the people i know would say easily that friends are the first one to lend a hand when u need a help.. But it is just when we ask for them?

I guess friendship is much more than that. A friend should know when his friend is in pain or feel lonely.. When the friend realy feel to share but he is reluctant... I am not a psychologist and i am sure i would never be one! but just my feeling that when some one is in a lot of stress he/she would definitely hide!! It is us, friends who should sense the "DANGER" sign and help them out!

just a thought.. just wanted to share!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Miadhu Crystal Awards have brought a revolution to the movies industry. The government have had so many award shows and this one by Miadhu rocked!! Not that there were places for improvement but overall i would give them 7 out of 10 which is very high according to my standards.

The red carpet was awesome and the photographs in famous award shows rocked through my head. My fellows Nattu and Millzero, both of them pros were of a great help giving tips on lights and how to adjust my camera flash..

So overall, Miadhu Crystal awards came in as a very good show as i did learn a lot of stuff from it.

Lastly it took me one whole day to decide which pics i would post on the blog. As i took pics for Jazeera Daily i was reluctant to post a pic here for my friends. But atlast i thought i would post a few of the shots i managed to get...

If u have any comments to make on the photos pls do as this is my second try..