Saturday, April 05, 2008

Easter trip

Well, it has been long since I wrote anything in my blog! It’s that I was not around in Portsmouth in the past few weeks and have been roaming around in the north of England. Met some interesting people, different characters and with different ideologies. After meeting them, it feels if they were given to run the government they could just run it with their fluent words of criticism. Most of them are anti government and the funny thing I noticed about it is that all of their talks and criticism yields to nothing as they don’t like all the political leaders.

About my trip to the north it was fantastic. There was this instance when the weather changed so dramatically in Liverpool. At one instance it was snowing, then it was cloudy, and then rained and in the next minute it was sunny and the sky was blue! You could just experience the British weather in just five minutes!

The contrast between the north and south is immense. In my opinion the south of England is much much better than the north, not that I am in the south. The north is less developed compared to the south and it is less clean. Some of my friends believe that the government gives higher priority to the south. It could be seen clearly in the BBC coverage of the recent storm in England. The day the storm hit the south of England, reporters brought the live coverage in fierce conditions. Meanwhile, two days later when the storm hit the North of England, there was no live coverage and was heavily criticised by the locals.

Anyways, now am back to studies after the long trip to Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. A special thanks to Afsal, dho and her hubby, aimi and uwa for their hospitality.