Sunday, January 06, 2008

Trip to India: Hindhu food or Muslim food

I just returned from a trip to India. It was a fantastic trip in many ways. A funny incident happened during the flight from Munich to Delhi in Lufthansa and would like to share it with you guys. I got a seat just near the toilets and the cabin crews’ area which made my whole flight miserable as people were roaming around making noises and you could hear the calls for flight attendants throughout the flight. During the 6 hours 45 minutes trip I could not sleep at all. Ok, let’s continue with the story. Just as I boarded the flight, two gentleman came over and asked an Indian cabin crew, apparently on her first flight

“I just changed my seat and I have asked for Hindhu food. Could you arrange it?”

The flight attendant responded calmly “Yes sir, it won’t be a problem. If you have asked for special food it won’t be a problem”

Then one of the guys asked the flight attendant disappointedly.

“No. I did not ask for special food. Even on the flight from Boston to here I ordered for Hindhu food and they just brought me Muslim food”

Confused flight attendant again said “Yes we can serve you Hindhu food. It won’t be a problem. We have vegetarian food”

Again the guy complained “It’s not vegetarian food I’m asking. Can you ask your superior to arrange Hindhu food for me?”

At that moment, the flight captain on the speakers said that they are ready for take-off and the two gentlemen went to their seats meanwhile the confused flight attendant went over to her superior.

An Indian guy sitting next to me, who was also confused asked me “Is there Hindhu food or Muslim food?”

I said “I don’t know!”