Thursday, February 21, 2008

Entertainment! 21st century

Just a thought some of my friends shared some days back. Thought I would share it with you guys! The entertainment these days has changed from mere quality to people’s miseries. We laugh, we joke and we entertain ourselves from the miseries of other people.

For example: The American Idol searches for people and show up the most hilarious or the idiotic people to sing even though they know they don’t have a single chance to progress. On the other hand, Big Brother which shows just everything that people do in a closed house and I know some of my friends who sit in front of the Tally just waiting to see what happens next. In this year, one of the guys was doing IT himself and it was shown in newspapers and almost all the media! I just could not imagine how the entertainment has changed from mere talented young professionals to idiotic talents.

But that’s the entertainment of 21st century and truthfully I do also laugh and joke about the idiotic behaviour shown in some of the programmes!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


It has been so long since I have posted anything in my blog. It’s just that after the trip to India, things were hectic. I just had a very tight schedule filled up with exams and assignments. After that during the one-week semester break, me and my class mates went to Isle of Wight, London and even went to fishing down the coast of Portsmouth. Even though the classes have resumed, this time I hope to continue to post one post a week. Let’s see how far I go..

During the weekend I went on a trip to London where we just explored different things in there including lives of Londoners, their expressions and the surroundings. The one thing I noticed is how much the whole place has been lived up to Valentines’ day. Everywhere you look at you would see things in red or either discounted for sale for Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the commercial events of a retailer like many other occasions such as Christmas. TV advertisements are full of hearts, shop windows are decorated with red, and even the Maldivian post has decided to post roses to celebrate the lover’s day!

Things evolving it might be wrong, but like many other such cases if your will is to express your feelings to your lover, what’s wrong with it? But for my liking, I would prefer to express my feelings on every day, not on a single day. But it’s just another day like Mother’s day, Father’s day or children’s day! Just a funny thought circulated in my head during a walk along the sea front!