Saturday, September 03, 2005

Final Day in Korea

Everyone has left except me back to their countries. and I would be leavin from South Korea around 3:30 and would be back in Male' around 11:30 i guess....
So today my advisor invited me to a wedding which he conducted. It was very beautiful....... and later we went to see a budhist temple in the mountains. It was very beautiful as well. Later we went to see the World cup stadium. It was marvelous. I am very happy to see da stadium.. One of my advisor's friends gave me the flag of Korean worldcup, which she and her husband treasured from the world cup to me!!!! isn't it fantastic. i was so happy.. thanks..

Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Concert

Wow! what a night i had. Today is the statistics day of Republic of Korea. They had a lot of events today and we attended the concert - Happy Concert. The items were really kewl:D. Korea's famous artists played and it was nice. i have taken a lot of pics and videos as well. Check out more pics from da "More pics link"