Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It is not olden days any more. Where ever you go you would face the so called "parteys" (locally known for Drug Addicts and other gang members). It seems major proportion of our youth is involved in some extent in drug trafficing or other..

My cousin who was so good in studies lost his future because of it. Once he was one of the leading accountants in Maldives, but now he is no man. lives in the island trying to fight against drugs with the help of his family.

In my own opinion, the govt is unable to act upon and to minimise it due to a lot of constraints. Drug trafficing is highly involved with world known gangs like MAFIa and other gangs that are in India and Pakistan. So assume how much difficult it would be with a 1200 islands scattered all over the indian ocean.

But we need to act.. from the parental level to the govt level and i think we should before it is too late..

Picture taken today: From the demonstration held today to stop drug trafficing

Monday, June 25, 2007


Hi everyone,

After a long time here's my first post. I went to the World Music Day festival which was held on Friday Night. The show was awesome but the lighting was horrible. Met Notsogoodphotography and Obofili there... Later on found Dude crush and Clopp taking pics..

I went to test and to improve my photography and i think i need a lot of improvement to get some quality images. Hope i would get some more chances to take shots....

Monday, June 18, 2007

One year almost

It has been almost a year since i posted anything in my blog and i guess i should start from now on.. I wish i could.. but by laziness is killing me!! errr!!!!