Monday, August 29, 2005


Wow!! after all the statistical work, yesterday was an off day.. We had a great bbq last night. Me and two of ma friends with the co-ordinator went out for shopping.. We took almost 2 hours in the shopping complex.. Assume how much stuff we would buy... hehehe

We bought a lot of meat and chips and stuff... It was a great night altogether and everyone enjoyed. Later we sang songs.. and Mr.Debashish from India sang a fabulous song about the course and our life in here. It was great fun.. and Later Mr. Erdal from Turkey as well sang in his language. He sings very well.

We are again arrangin a bbq on our last day in here... so we would enjoy it as well... hehheh...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chinese gymnastics

Wow!! what a weekend i had... There was lots of analatycal work and am glad that i had finished almost 95% of the analysis. so back to writing work of it. I had a lot of fun as well. We went to see the Korean National Statistical Office on Friday. The place is huge with 20 floors.. imagine the small room we have and the 20 floors of statistical work that they do.. heheheh... Anyways.. the visit was fruitful as i learnt a lot of info from them.

On the same day we went to see a Chinese gymnastic festival and i took some awesome pics... You can see more pics from the More pics link.. The chinese were so acrobatic.. i was amazed to see them bending there bodies.. heheh.. There was this fireworks show behind the water fountain. it was marvelous.

Yesterday i did nothing basically except analysing my data. and guess we are having a bbq tonight.. so it would be great!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Would u like to give a try?

I went for a walk and was shocked to see this restaurent who was having eels in there menus. I never knew that they eat eels in here. They had eels from different sizes big and small.. Would u like to give a try on this food? hehehe

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Night Out!!!!

Last two days i spent my entire time on numbers and by the end of yesterday i got sick of it. So me and ma friends in here went out to see a music show given by some phillipinos. The show was really kewl:D. They played some old english songs and some new korean songs. The best one was shaggy's angel. It reminded me of my days i spent in India. Specially the night i went out to Forum In bangalore to have dinner with my friends-rashyd and daliah.
Miss those times

The show was really kewl and now i am completely refreshed. so back to numbers again. hehhe

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Trip to Seoul

I was very busy in the last week or so. had to do a lot of statistical work and guess i dream of numbers now a days..

Well but to the bright side of it, i had a very good trip to Seoul. It is a completely different place from Daejeon. The place is noisy with a lot of traffic as it consists of 1/3rd of South Korean popoulation. I remember we started to go to a place at 7:30 and we reached there in almost 2 hrs. But the driver said without traffic we cud have gone there within 15 mins. Imagine the traffic.

Well, the other thing i noticed is that these ppl never sleep in this city. When i went out from the hotel for a walk with 3 of my friends around 1'o clock i saw people going for jogging and busy with there walk.

The three days I spent in seoul went flying. The first day we went to see some of the Industrial places and it's amazing. The Hyundai car manufacturing factory was awesome. and guess what?? A car is made in the factory in just 57 seconds. There are electric robots to do everything from screwing the nuts and bolts and checking whether the screw is fastened or not. We also visited a steel manufacturing factory of Hyundai.

The second day we spent on shopping and visiting the statistical office in Seoul. The statistical office was very good. quite different from ours. They have palm laptops to gather information from surveys and the data is automatically saved, which is then sent to the main statistical office for processing and analysis. About shopping, i did not find anything which i can buy, other than nuts which i ate the whole day.. The prices of products are too expensive compared to the prices in Maldives.

The third day was cultural day. hehhe. We visited a lot of cultural places. We visited the king's palace. The place was huge and beautiful. and guess??? The King has seven or more wives, and each night he calls upon a lady to satisfy him and the ladies wait impatiently for thier calls. And the security of the palace is high too. There are no furnitures in King's room cause there might be weapons hidden inside the furniture.

Then we visited the Korean folk Village. Wow!!! the place was really really beautiful with korean traditional houses and all kinds of things used in the olden days.. and guess people live in that village. The food available in there is even traditional food. The best part of the village tour was the cultural show. The gymnatics and the horse skill show was really good. plus the Korean cultural wedding was really good too.

Well the trip is over now.. and i guess i better go back to play with the numbers.. hehhehe..

I took almost 900 pics in the trip. I wud select the best of it and would post it. If u want to see some of the other pics you cud visit to ma msn space.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I guess we have to look at deeply about how Department of Higher Education allocates scholarships. When they announce the results in the notice board it has to be clearly mentioned in which category he did not meet up the expectation. If they state that a person is not qualified academically is not the right remark i guess if that person got a high grade.

Then we must look at how much a person should score in order to be qualified? then i guess the number of people applying to the scholarship would decrease and those people would not spend 2-3 hours waiting to submit the application form.

I guess a 75% grade is a gud score... maybe not for the people in Department of higher education. It might happen like the rumours.. before the schol is announced it might have been reserved by a high authority person. might be.. who knows??? i am sure that i am in a mystery now.. cause i feel i got a gud score.. but the department of higher education did not think so.. might be dat what i feel is not gud huh?? if that's's too bad..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Well.. yesterday was a superb day for me in here.. went out to have dinner outside in one of the famous shopping malls in daejeon. Carrefour is famous for it's variety.. u can get wide range of food, clothes and other stuff from here.. heheheh.. i bought a kewl shirt from here.. lol

Monday, August 01, 2005

This is the famous Daecheonghosu dam. It provides the water for the city and near by Cheongju area.

Have u ever seeen a news paper on the screen of a car?? well here it is.. a nice one.. heheheh

Nice pic huh? this is a pic i took in one of the main streets of daejong. have a a look.. hheheheh