Sunday, July 02, 2006

The fast and the furious

The name seems to be ironic to me now. It's a pity that some of our youth watch the movies and really try to follow the stunts in the tiny and narrow roads of Male'. It was a shock to me and my friends to hear the news in the early morning. One of my closest buddy’s brother was a real bad victim of the horrible incident. A cop who were having a talk with his friend lost his leg and have been paralised for the entire life because of it.

But the real question is that what are the speedy freaks doing in the streets of Male’ and why are they allowed to do it when everyone knows about it! Even my 13 year old brother was asking my mom to send him to watch it! In fact he woke up one day around 4’o clock in the morning to go there!! I really thank god that he was not allowed!

But some times, the speedy freaks should learn is to think positive!. None of us do I guess! We always think that rules are meant to be broken and it makes us loose one of our friend’s life or an innocent person. The thrill that they get for 30 seconds has made a person crippled for his entire life!

It has been a long time since I wrote anything in here, but just wanted to share my deepest thoughts regarding the incident with all of you guys!