Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The first three pictures is taken in Tokyo Sea Life Park. The next four is taken in Yokohoma City. The rest is taken in Misaki in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Tokyo Sea Life Park

It’s another day and it’s another aquarium. This time it’s much bigger and more stunning. A Japanese architect designed Tokyo Sea Life Park. The design illustrates a dive into deep sea. The surrounding in the park is designed such that the view merges with the waters of Tokyo Bay. Lets run some statistics… hehehe. Well, Japan has the most number of aquariums in the world. Out of 144 or more, larger aquariums in the world, 68 are in Japan and Tokyo Sea Life Park is the biggest in Japan. There are 542 different species of fish in the aquarium. This accounts around one fifth of the species in all aquariums in Japan. Will u believe that for this aquarium nearly 13 million US dollars is invested annually? This aquarium displays 166 tuna of 6 different species. It is the first aquarium to successfully display tuna, which is around 17 years ago. The tank is made from 26cm thick glass specially designed for aquariums and the water for this tank is brought from deep sea. In this aquarium, various filters are used which filters around 2200tonnes of water per hour. Ozone is used for killing bacteria and facilitating oxygen for the species. I was so amazed of the clarity in water in the tanks. Wow!!! And wow!! I could not take a good picture of the tuna. The tuna moved so fast and due to the thickness of the glass I was not able to take a good picture of them. Sorry folks!! But I have some amazing pictures of the rest of the aquarium, which also have penguins and some other sea birds.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hagoromo-no Matsu

We visited a famous site in Japan which is called Hagoromo-no Matsu. Kami no michi(God's road ) is the site of celestial nymph legend called "Hagoromo-no Matsu(Pine of Hagoromo). The legend goes that the person saw the saint bathing in the sea.The clothes of the saint were laid in the branches of the pine tree, which is now very very old. The legend asked the saint that she has to dance inorder to get back the clothes and she agreed and danced until she went to the skies. The japense also have the tradition of picking up stones from the beaches, and if a person finds a stone with only single white line, than he would have good luck. Kinda good luck charm. It was kinda interesting. We aslo went to see the Miho shrine and the Monument to elene, which is a monument dedicated to the french ballerina, Elene Giuglaris who loved the Noh play"Hagoromo" and dreamed that Miho-no matsubara, but died before visiting the pine tree area. A lock of hair of the deceased is buried beneath the monument.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Yazumi port

Well, it's another port, which is much larger than yesterday's one. They land pole and line vessels, longline vessels and many more. We watched the unloading of the pole and line vessel which is very much huge compared to the maldivian ones. They catch around 400 mt of catch before they land. They adopted the system of pole and line fishery from the Maldivians, but they catch more than the Maldivians.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Shizumi Port

Today we visited the shizumi port. One of the largest in Japan. They had 8 transhipment vessels which carries around 2000mt of tuna in each vessel. Well, these vessels collect fish for around 1-2 years and loads the fish in the port. It takes around 1 month to load the entire stock. They keep the tuna in -60C. By keeping in that temparature, tuna doesn't get spoiled. It retains the same quality when it's caught. After loading to the collecting vehicles, it is kept in a storage area which is also -60C until the prices is high enough. They sometimes keep the tuna for 2-3 years until the price is high.

Will u believe? One big bluefin tuna is sold at the same price of a toyota car?. and by each shipment they get around 20 million US Dollars... dats's huge money!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

S-Pulse Plaza

The plaza is built by one of the major soccer clubs in Japan which belongs to this city. The plaza ranges from football stuff to lots of various activities. Lots of food stalls and various fashion stuff as well. Why cannot maldivian clubs build stuff like this? None of the clubs I think sell their jersies or anything related to them. In through out the world, the clubs organize to sell the products related to their clubs. I guess, Maldivian clubs should start it. As they are also building their popularity among the Asians.

TOKAI University fish aquarium

It’s a holiday. We thought we would head to the fish aquarium. One of the coordinators took us there. Wow!!!!!! The aquarium is awesome. The biggest tank that I have seen so far. There are so many fishes in the tank including skipjack tuna, sand killer sharks and even rays. The tank is I think 6m high. The smaller tanks got some small fishes and some marine species as well. I guess, in Maldives we should build one cause we have more marine species than in here. It seems that Tokai University have marine research vessel which conducts research on this marine species. Well, as a whole I should note that the trip to the aquarium is remarkable.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Trip to Shimizu

Well, the trip in the bullet train was awesome. My eyes got blur after looking outside through the window. It was travelling over 285km/hr. I donno how the F1 drivers survive.... well after we got here, we went to see the orange farms in here.

Wow!! it was awesome. There were oranges on the streets and you could just pluck it and eat. We went to the farm and had an orange eating competition. I was joint champions with participant from Seychelles who ate 11 oranges

The pics are taken on the way from TokyI ate 11 which was the highest. One from seychelles o to here. It was really difficult to focus. But i manage to take some nice pics. I've taken some pics from the orange farms as well.

Anyways, we are going to get more training on fisheries statistics. I hope it would be a good one.