Thursday, November 27, 2008

2.1 Million for President n Vice

I supported the views of the current president during his election speeches to cut down government spending and to minimize the income inequalities among the population of Maldives. But now, I am really disappointed of his actions!
The huge debates in the Majlis just proved the greedy and selfish parliamentarians. They never want to do any good for the normal citizens, instead they would want to get as much money they could to fulfill their own pockets!
I thought to do some research based on the Gross Domestic Product of some of the wealthier countries and the head of the state. The GDP are based on the figures released by International Monetary Fund for year 2007.

The figures just speak for itself. Our GDP values are way too lower than India or even Bangladesh. But the salaries we pay for the highest post are way too high for our economy to handle. It’s just based on the ad-hoc thinking by the parliamentarians. I remember one member saying, that the figure was derived at a lower rate, but they thought to make it more appealing and nice. It is not just the parliamentarian’s money to do whatever they want.

From what the parliamentarians discussed in the treasury committee in the parliament, I just feel that they never discuss about the economic issues with any economists or even government officials, whether a luxurious figure of 7,782 dollars per month could be paid for the president based on the current economic recession .
The alliance of MDP has the control in the parliament at the moment. Anything that the president wishes could easily be passed in the parliament. I am sure the parliamentarians would meet before hand and come up with a figure before it was passed in the parliament. The parliament has become the best circus of the century. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a circus in Maldives, the parliamentarians thought it might be fun to do so.

The income disparity is so immense in Maldives. Now I wish I could have just stayed back in UK and worked back there. After I completed my masters, I am now receiving a monthly salary of US $346 (MRF 4450/-) and with allowances I would be able to get MRF 6230 or 486 US dollars per month. I know the consequences of an increased salary and I am not just saying to increase the public service salary either. I just wanted to mention to reduce the income disparities in the country and the value of 2.1 Million rufiyya per year on the two key posts of Maldives is way too much for our economy to handle!

We voted Mohammed Nasheed to make good changes in our life and now it doesn’t seem so. The first thing he did was to bring more cash in to his pocket. Well, he wouldn’t mind of a global recession while he gets Rf 2 per minute in his pocket. Will he?


dieDie said...

nobody cares about the people. all money minded ppl. I would have supported them if they had showed enough calculations why they propose that much.

Anonymous said...

Buggee. what are your thoughts on increasing resort lease period to 50 years? isn't the government doing this under the influence of the wealthy resort owners?

Island Chic said...


I agree with you on this really.

If you look at the percentage of GDP they are paid, it's an obscene amount of money.

I have no idea how we compare and try to do thinsg simmilar to the US! It's a luxury we cannot afford as they are a way more advanced economy.

And anonymous seems to be doing a Survey on the lease period extension :-)

Anonymous said...

blame the majlis........

Anonymous said...

interesting post. just a small suggestion. the figs you've gine the table would have looked more interesting if you have presented the per capita income figures instead of the entire GDP of courties in the first column.

lefish said...

Cannot agree with you more.

But the article would've more credibility if you have given the source of your data...

Anonymous said...

yeah..its very sad..this is happening. Also I was suprised that things like presidents salary are being passed by the parliment before any other issue.
What about the many poor people in maldives? a better health care for them? better housing for them? I thought such issues would have been the first to be discussed and finalized. Of course it will take time..for things to become better. But I thought policies about such issues are the most important for us ...not how much the president and vice president should get.

We really need to elect better people to our parliment.

Ricky Smith said...

thank you very much!

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